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Notice to General Public

Directors P.Govindaraj and Madhavi are being tried and an enquiry is being conducted as on after 04.10.2021 into various fraud and financial embezzlement of the organisation by destroying evidence, tampering the records, and by filing wrong statements. The new interim management is taking stock of the situation and it is hereby informed to general public not to deal with them in any kind or sort in respect of M/s.Caddons Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. There is a serious fraud investigation running on both of them. We will keep you posted about the updates on the same here. Any grievances and issues that you may want to bring to light can be brought to the Enquiry Committee headed by Natarajan Amancharla, Director by email to Any transactions with the above mentioned directors of the company until the committee clears them or if found guilty action shall be taken against them for acting against the company, its investors, lenders, stakeholders, vendors and employees.