A Rainy Brainy Moment
16 October, 2019 by
A Rainy Brainy Moment
Dwarak Badrinath


Every year after the whole country burns in smoldering heat for months,
its citizens wait for some relief in the form of rains.

The rainy season is something that evokes a strange range of emotions. And if you live in India, it is a whole other story. We have a unique love-hate relationship with rain. Anything and everything decide our attitude towards the torrential downpour. Monsoon can be refreshing and inconvenient at the same time. We all love rains when we have the option of chilling at home and have nowhere to rush to. Some tea/coffee/hot chocolate, pakodas, samosas, bhajiyas, and other rain-related food cravings are all we desire. A nice book to read or an awesome binge-watching session feels like eternal bliss. Some solitude or company of loved ones adds into the charm of the moment. It all feels too relaxing and spiritual. Then there is someone who is at the polar opposite of this situation. He/she is cursing the rain for creating traffic jams and puddles, making him/her late for some important destination. Someone is trying to protect his/her new dress or shoes from getting ruined. Someone is surrounded by a feeling of rain-induced melancholy. Some artist is getting inspired to create art. Someone is thinking of an ex-lover, getting an urge to get him/her back. Someone is homesick in a house full of strangers, wishing he/she could run back home where warmth and soul food to gorge on is promised. My favorites are the kids who dance and play in the rains without a care in the world and the twinkle in the eyes of farmers waiting for their parched lands to finally get some rain they were painfully thirsting for. Rains can render serenity to some and can cause annoyance to others at the same time. No other weather can boast of causing such varied emotions. Even I am guilty of having oscillating reactions to rain. Like a pluviophile, I too sometimes find myself basking in the mesmerizing effect rains create and leave behind. The pleasing earthy petrichor warms up my heart and senses. There is something mystical about the beauty of rains. Even though most of the time I run for cover since being a “grown-up” does not give you the liberty of dancing unabashedly whenever and wherever you like as there are more “important” things to do and deadlines to meet. I find myself wishing the rain stops when I start anticipating the dreaded traffic jam and I do not want to waste hours stuck somewhere. During my vain moments, I too wish it does not mess my hair, makeup, clothes, or shoes I spent so much time and money on. No matter what rain makes you feel, they are an irreplaceable part of nature performing cleansing and nurturing. Next time when it rains, pay attention to what it makes you feel. Rains can tickle all of your five senses, and senses beyond them. Rains are uneven all across the world. It might rain a lot or negligibly less where you live. No matter how much it rains in the city/town/village you live in, it will manage to play at least some role in your life if not a major one. And if you can get or make some hot savory pakodas and masala tea to go with it on a beautiful rainy day, please invite Dr. Defy for some company. I promise I will leave at least a few for you.

A Rainy Brainy Moment
Dwarak Badrinath 16 October, 2019
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