About Following Your True Passion
17 October, 2019 by
Dwarak Badrinath


Have you ever gone without a day, when you haven't come across an article, post, 
or a blog describing how awesome it is to follow your passion and dive into the unknown
without a care in the world?

We appreciate people who manage to succeed at achieving this feat, and somewhere in our hearts, we crave for similar courage to get out of the comfortable cozy bed of stability and step into the path of uncertainty with endless blind turns and potholes. The allure of triumph and not giving in to the pressures of living a so-called stable life coerces us to think about our passions too. Who wouldn’t love to become a success story and a trailblazer after all? Just like we would love to devour on unhealthy food and not face the consequences, we tend to overlook the challenges dream chasers face. I have come across some myths associated with following your true calling, and these are the top three.

1. No dull moments for life! As dreamy as it sounds, this is the biggest myth that lurks around waiting for its prey, and then beats all the false hopes and expectations out of the oblivious. Trust me, you will have a lot of dull moments. You will be doing things you hate to do. Not every moment is going to be exhilarating and a learning experience. Mundaneness will cloud your vision. There will be days when you question your choices. The unforeseen avalanche of trivial and tedious tasks will render you incapable of climbing to the peaks of your goals. Only the mindful and tenacious ones make it through this misconception.

2. Hard work will never be hard again! Let’s be honest. We all wait for Fridays. Weekends are like a refresh button for us. Weekends when done right, be it sleeping/Netflixing all day or partying all night gives you a tiny temporary relief from the claws of the beast called “weekdays”. Even when you are working on something you love, you are going to need a break. You will need to unplug and recharge. There will be days when you feel like taking a flight to some island and never coming back. Aren’t you supposed to be a raging workaholic when you are doing something you always wanted to? The answer is “No because you are a human and humans need some leisure time.”

3. Cheerleaders everywhere! Looking for cheerleaders to dance their way to tell you that you are such a winner? Waiting for your loved ones to appreciate and encourage every move you make? If that is the case, then you are just waiting to get disappointed. Unfortunately, success in a typical sense means making a lot of money or at least having job security. If you aren’t achieving either of the two, then you will have to wait a long time to get any sort of pat on your back. The struggle is always hard, and when you choose to struggle, it baffles people around you who seek certainty and security. They might even feel that you are punishing yourself unnecessarily. They do not want to discourage you, but it is confusing for them since this is not the kind of life they would choose. And that is fine. Everyone has their own expectations from life, so do not seek validation for your life choices. In the end, we are the choices we make. Some might work out, some might fail. After all, isn’t life nothing but a game of Jenga? We are all simply figuring out how to arrange the blocks of choices and keep rising above without collapsing.

Dwarak Badrinath 17 October, 2019
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